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საინფორმაციო ბიულეტენი

Edition 29/2019

Georgia’s macroeconomic situation in light of Russian sanctions

Edition 28/2019

The effect of the DCFTA on Georgian exports to the EU

Edition 27/2019

Reduction of Georgia’s current account deficit: a new trend?


Policy Briefing 04/2019

Export potential of Georgia’s animal-origin products on the EU market

Policy Briefing 03/2019

Start-up sector in Tbilisi. A bottom-up perspective on challenges and solutions

Policy Briefing 02/2019

Export potential of Georgia’s agro-food sector on the EU market and other non-CIS countries

Economic Monitor Georgia

Issue 9 [updated] | January 2019

  • Presidential elections. New President has been elected
  • Banking. Measures to curb household debt
  • Turkey. So far only moderate effect of depreciation of Turkish Lira on Georgia
  • Pension reform. Start on 1 January 2019

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