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12th Information meeting about high-level government consultation

On 18 January 2018 the semi-annual information meeting about high-level government consultation in Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova and Georgia was held at the Federal Ministry for Economy and Energy (BMWi). 

Around 30 representatives of various institutions like the BMWi, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the German Parliament, the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, the GiZ, the KfW, different foundations, associations and other expert organisations attended the event.

The experts of Berlin Economics held keynote reports on current developments in the countries and provided information about their work. Their continuous contact to high-level government representatives in the partner countries and their in-depth analysis of economic developments enables them to give deep insight into the countries’ policies.

After the presentations the invited guests could ask questions.

The experts’ presentations basically rely on the information provided in the publication “Wirtschaftsausblick”:

Wirtschaftsausblick Ukraine

Wirtschaftsausblick Belarus

Wirtschaftsausblick Moldau

Wirtschaftsausblick Georgien

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