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Newsletter 31/2019
Georgia’s financial system on a more stable footing

Newsletter 30/2019
Startups in Tbilisi: what is needed to accelerate their development?

Newsletter 29/2019
Georgia’s macroeconomic situation in light of Russian sanctions

Newsletter 28/2019
The effect of the DCFTA on Georgian exports to the EU

Newsletter 27/2019
Reduction of Georgia’s current account deficit: a new trend?

Newsletter 26/2019
Export potential of Georgian agro-food products in the EU market

Newsletter 25/2018
Slowdown of economic growth

Newsletter 24/2018
Turkish Lira depreciation: moderate effect on Georgia

Newsletter 23/2018
Economic relevance of crypto-mining in Georgia

Newsletter 22/2018
Georgia in mid-2018: positive economic trend continues

Newsletter 21/2018
Banking sector: good performance, but challenges remain

Newsletter 20/2018
Georgian economy outperformed expectations in 2017

Newsletter 19/2017
Economic contribution of the creative sector in Georgia

Newsletter 18/2017
The Georgian economy on a stable growth path

Newsletter 17/2017
DCFTA implementation on track, but major challenges ahead

Newsletter 16/2017
New IMF programme: Good news for Georgia

Newsletter 15/2017
Unlocking the export potential of Georgian agriculture

Newsletter 14/2017
Fiscal policy after the parliamentary elections

Newsletter 13/2016
Meeting Georgia’s increasing electricity demand

Newsletter 12/2016
Georgia’s trade with the EU: Recent developments

Newsletter 11/2016
Trade between Georgia and Armenia: Business as usual?

Newsletter 10/2016
Improving business access to electricity

Newsletter 09/2016
Reform of the insolvency law: A priority for economic policy

Newsletter 08/2016
Industrial potential in Georgia: The engineering sector

Newsletter 07/2015
Reforming the regulation of the mining sector in Georgia

Newsletter 06/2015
Depreciation of the Georgian Lari: Necessary and effective

Newsletter 05/2015
Hydropower: Great potential, necessity to improve policy framework

Newsletter 04/2015
Wine exports – important but vulnerable

Newsletter 03/2015
Georgia’s economic specialisation: Present and future

Newsletter 02/2015
Georgia’s agricultural exports – opportunities and risks

Newsletter 01/2014
Great challenges in spite of stable macroeconomic situation

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