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Potential in the South Caucasus – Business Successes in Georgia and Armenia

On October 27, Thüringen International, the department of the State Development Corporation of Thuringia mbH responsible for internationalization, held an information evententitled “Potential in the South Caucasus – Business Successes in Georgia and Armenia” in Erfurt in cooperation with the Eastern Europe Business Association of Germany. Businesses were informed about foreign trade possibilities in the South Caucasus, and estimates of the political and economic climate, as well as current projects underway in Georgia and Armenia, were presented.

During the event, David Saha, project manager with the German Economic Team (GET) Georgia, held a discussion titled “Georgia – Economic Conditions, Business Environment, and Opportunities for German Businesses.” In his talk, he pointed out the good framework conditions in Georgia, especially Georgia’s role as an anchor of economic stability with good institutions, little corruption, and limited bureaucracy, and analyzed which sectors of the Georgian economy present opportunities for German exporters and investors – with a particular focus on industries that are strong in Thuringia, such as the photonics, automotive, and tool making industries.

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