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Economic Monitor Georgia

The “Economic Monitor Georgia” provides an overview over the most important economic indicators and also offers an assessment of current topics by GET Georgia. The Monitor is a semi-annual publication.


Issue 10 | August 2019

  • Russian sanctions. Impact on Georgian economy
  • DCFTA. Effect on exports to the EU
  • DCFTA. Effect on composition of exports to the EU
  • Export potential. Agro-food products on EU market


Issue 9 [updated] | January 2019

  • Presidential elections.New President has been elected
  • Banking. Measures to curb household debt
  • Turkey. So far only moderate effect of depreciation of Turkish Lira on Georgia
  • Pension reform. Start on 1 January 2019


Issue 8 [updated] | June 2018

  • Mining of cryptocurrencies. Own estimation of contribution to GDP
  • Mid-term fiscal plan. Higher public investment combined with a lower budget deficit
  • Banking sector. Stability and concentration
  • De-dollarisation. Partial success in 2017


Issue 7 | January 2018

  • Inventory write-offs. State should allow enterprises to write off actual losses; verification by plausibility checks founded on databases
  • Remittances. Increase by 20% in Jan-Sep 2017 supports private consumption
  • Doing Business Ranking. Improvement from rank 16 to rank 9
  • Capital market development in the context of the DCFTA. Possibility for larger enterprises to mobilise capital
  • Introduction of capital-funded pensions. Successful introduction of capital-based pensions only in case of simultaneous reform of the 1. pension pillar


Issue 6 | June 2017

  • New IMF programme signed. Important stability signal for investors
  • GET Georgia recommends economic policy priorities. Comprehensive package of measures by all relevant government departments is needed
  • Unlocking the export potential of Georgian agriculture. Land consolidation and productive alliances can help exploit the export potential
  • DCFTA implementation in Georgia. Implementation mostly on track

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